Charity Fundraising

Since we opened back in 2009, we have constantly received requests for charitable donations to help you fund raise for your chosen Charity.  Whilst we would love to help every single one of you, this sadly would possibly bankrupt us!
To this end we decided (a few years ago) to focus on only one charity at a time and to do our very best to fund raise and spread the word to our very best ability.
This year it is the amazing ‘Brianwave’ charity.
My daughter had the privilege of a work placement at the brilliant Taunton location.  She was able to describe, first hand, how families are welcomed and encouraged to help their children improve mobility, communication skills and learning potential, through a range of educational and physical therapies at this residential centre (for the whole family).  It’s a wonderful charity and being so close to Plymouth, it helps and continues to support many families and kids in our area.  Please take a look at their website and be inspired to help them raise more funds!